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Accommodation and Travel South Africa
South Africa - South Africa

Added on 10/10/2003 by RoomForAfrica Team  (
Find accommodation in South Africa. From guesthouses to Hotels.
Tour South Africa
South Africa - Western Cape

Added on 9/12/2003 by AfriCAR Team  (
Planning a trip to Africa. Visit and explore South Africa with your own 4*4. The African Adventure at its best. Plan your trip.
Monviso (3841 m) is the highest peak in the Cottian Alps
Crissolo - Valli Po - Italy

Added on 4/28/2003 by Enzo BROGI  (
It is a superb isolated pyramid, surrounded by fine scenery. Its rocky slopes ascend in tiers, some of which are extremely steep. Though it rises fewer than fifty miles southwest of the city of Turin,  More... - Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Resorts, B&B, Guest Houses, Airports, Airlines, Maps, Tour Oper
World Wide - World Wide

Added on 3/6/2003 by yoanna martinova  (
World Travel Guide - Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Resorts, B&B, Guest Houses, Airports, Airlines, Maps, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Photo Galleries
Fall in COLORado
USA - Rocky Mountains

Added on 9/18/2002 by Curtis Forrester  (http://)
Have been shooting award winning Colorado fall photos for many years. Can't get enough! E-mail for more info on best spots to go.
Birds of Bosque del Apache
United States - New Mexico

Added on 9/14/2002 by Andy Long  (
The best word to describe Bosque del Apache is WOW. Sunrise and thousands of birds taking flight all at once from the lake is a site to behold. One of the best birding locations in the country, Bosq  More...
Australia 2002
Australia - Central deserts

Added on 5/28/2002 by Fred Kamphues  (
A photo report of a 4WD trip through the central deserts of Australia in a historic Landrover
Wildlife in Patagonia
Argentina - Patagonia

Added on 3/16/2002 by Pedro Bernacchi  (
A photographer´s trip across northern patagonia, from the Andes to the South Atlantic, taking photos of Andean Condor, Guanacos, Right Whale, Orcas and other exotic and wildlife and pristine natural a  More...
Village Life in Rajasthan
India - Rajasthan

Added on 1/30/2002 by Janet  (
Wonderful color, friendly people, fascinating cultures, buildings, village life
On the edge of Europe
Russia - Udmurt Republic, Vjatka-Kama rivers region

Added on 4/23/2001 by Andrey Zykin  (http://)
Beautiful southern taiga forest with unique complex of Palearctic plants and animals. Untouched pine forest on ancient sand dunes and mysterious display behavior of the Capercaillie. The kingdom of e  More...
Scenic Iceland

Added on 1/26/2001 by Hugo de Wolf  (
Iceland is a great place for those who enjoy nice landscapes, a rough and virtually untouched country.
grade 1 peaks around siachen
india - j&k

Added on 1/25/2001 by friend in the sky  (http://)
karakorams run along the siachen glacier which forms the axis of the range itself.the k12,saltoro kangri,sia kangri, rimoalll are along the siachen and are wonderful to see. one really starts to respe  More...
Neotropical wildlife in Venezuela
Venezuela - South America

Added on 1/11/2001 by Juan Carlos Lopez  (http://)
Spectacular and abundant wildlife (anteaters, anaconda, spectacle caiman, capibaras, cock of the rocks, harpy eagle, 1300 birds species, etc). Breathtaking landscapes at Canaima national park and Ange  More...
India - Rajasthan & M.P. (Central Provinces)

Added on 11/7/2000 by Dr .P. Kumar  (
Fine Tiger Photo-safaris. Includes Jeep and Elephant Safaris.
Hidden Beach
USA - Nevada

Added on 11/7/2000 by Kelly  (http://)
I've never ever seen such a beautiful beach as Hidden Beach! It's paradise. I usually HATE the beach, but this one... I loved it, I spended 2 days there! If I go back to the USA, I definitely go back  More...
Fall Colors In Karakorams
Pakistan - Highest Mountains of the world

Added on 11/6/2000 by M.Hanif Raza  (http://comsats,net ,pk)
Karakoram are the highest Mountains of the world having several Eight Thousanders.
Oklahoma Nature spots
US - Oklahoma

Added on 10/27/2000 by Jeri Ann Ray  (
Wichita Mtns Wildlife Refuge, near Lawton Oklahoma - free roaming buffalo, elk, deer, in natural prairie setting - Awesome! Also, Chickasaw National Recreation center (Sulphur, Oklahoma) for trails, a  More...
Cape Cod & Toronto
Canada - Ontario

Added on 10/16/2000 by  (
Humpback Whales, Warblers

Added on 10/11/2000 by Erin  (http://)
Beautiful Landscape - Great Colors - Excellent Hiking Trails - Definitley a place to photograph. I've been there two years in a row, on photo workshops, it's worth going to photograph landscape.
fall colors in the Sierras
USA - California

Added on 10/9/2000 by Larry Mendelsohn  (http://)
The eastern Sierras in late Sept, early Oct. is the place to be for those of us in LA and SF. The area between Bishop and above Mono Lake is awash with aspen turning yellow into gold and occasionally  More...
Lions of Okavango
Botswana - Moremi,Chobe,Kwei

Added on 10/6/2000 by Abe Ordover  (
Lions at elephant kill and mating
God's Country
USA - Adirondacks/upstate NY

Added on 10/5/2000 by Suzanne Jones  (http://)
leaves were just starting to turn. Majestic mountains are so beautiful, gorgeous weather, caught one guy fly fishing on the river past Lake Placid. My husband and I had an awsome trip. I grew up in th  More...
Forest Fire in Idaho
USA - Idaho

Added on 10/4/2000 by Rene  (
While doing archaeology in Idaho as a volunteer, my work was interupted by the "Crooked Fire"!
Yellowstone/Tetons Trip Tick

Added on 10/4/2000 by Gerald A. Bonsack  (
Trip Tick from the WY/SD border, across WY or into MT and ID, with the final destination in and around Yellowstone, with photographic points of interest. If you do a Yellowstone/Teton search on YAHOO,  More...
Glens, Gorges, Waterfalls, Lakes, Forests
USA - Finger Lakes, New York State

Added on 10/4/2000 by David Ruether  (
Ithaca, New York is a relatively unknown area of great density of beautiful natural features, with half a dozen NY State Parks and many other natural areas within a few miles of the city. I recently f  More...
Canada/USA - Ontario/MA

Added on 10/4/2000 by Shahryar Rafi-Tari  (
Wildlife in Cape Cod & Captive Animals in Ontario & Vancouver Island
Humpack Whales in Alaska
United States - Alaska

Added on 7/30/2000 by Betty Sederquist  (
I'd like to share a few Alaska locales for seeing humpback whales. You can find nearly guaranteed humpback sightings between May and September at these three specific places in Alaska (1) Point Ado  More...

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