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Christian Biemans - Nature and Wildlife Photography
(Added 2/3/2003 - Last Modified 10/7/2003 - 524 click-thrus - Average rating by 23 users: Excellent)
I have added Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru pictures to my site from my latest trip to Kenya. Ofcourse the Meru and Samburu pictures are still online. Besides that I've added some more bird pictures to the gallery. Also you can find info about me, about how I work, what equipment I use, browse through my galleries and you can find usefull photography links.

North Bay Nature Photography - by:Eric Dresser
(Added 4/29/2000 - Last Modified 10/7/2003 - 14 Galleries - 1836 click-thrus - Average rating by 126 users: Good)
Thirty years of wildlife and scenic photography; mostly from the Adirondack Mountains, Northeastern United States and Canada. Approximately 400 photos that take you to wild places to view the denizens of the forest. Photo Tips, Screen Savers, Order Prints, Request Stock Photography (50,000 images on file), and much more. Images of the Month for October 2003 include: Solitary Sandpiper, Bull Frog, Katydid, and Spotted Turtle.
Review by EDKITWIL58@AOL.COM posted on 10/18/2002:
Review by posted on 10/18/2002:
It takes a lot for me to say that photos are WOW,even if I am only an amateur photographer, but these are definitely in that WOW category
Review by posted on 12/7/2002:
great pictures, nice layout
Review by posted on 5/23/2002:
hai sir ,it was a great experience while watching ur great images.and wish u more ssuccess and good health so that we can have the taste of ur images to the worl of photo lovers .i wish u good luck ur's admirer gowtham
Review by posted on 6/18/2002:
Great Pictures, good presentation
Review by ly.te@sympatico .ca posted on 6/9/2002:
Beautifully photographed!!!!!
Review by rowlandsc45@aol posted on 7/19/2003:
hey eric I was just looking around and found your site great pics is the owls nest the one in the swamp over across the canal from dads house your friend chuck rowlands
Review by din posted on 7/4/2002:
excellent photos, found the owls I was looking for.
Review by posted on 8/14/2002:
Eric, I am seriously ill and come to your site to enjoy your God given talent. Thank you for lifting my spirits.
Review by posted on 8/15/2002:
How DO you get the butterflies to keep still? Absolutely magnificent!
Review by posted on 8/15/2002:
How DO you get the butterflies to keep still? Absolutely magnificent!
Review by posted on 8/26/2003:
very beautiful photos
Review by posted on 9/25/2002:
amasing photography! Love the subject .....animals&nature

Arc of Images
(Added 6/29/2001 - Last Modified 10/6/2003 - 4 Galleries - 1394 click-thrus - Average rating by 45 users: Good)
Photographic impressions from nature and foreign countries. New: Fall in the Black Forest. Send electronic greeting cards to your friends!
Review by posted on 10/10/2001:
I especially like plants gallery. Good shots!
Review by I was here too......eerie<--spell check? posted on 2/12/2002:
except the web design are awesome!
Review by posted on 5/10/2002:
The photos were varied and "worth a 1000 words"
Review by posted on 6/17/2002:
Hey Donna, what’s WRONG with YOU? This site is loaded with SUPERB and VARIED images, very EASY to navigate. The design seems quite GOOD to me, with VERY NICE features. Did you rate the wrong site?
Review by posted on 6/19/2002:
Well....Donna is partially right....nothing really wrong with the layout imho , but the pictures are very (over) compressed and too small....
Review by posted on 6/5/2002:
Some of the pics are pretty. Some I couldn't tell what they were. The scenery is the only thing I liked. Might I suggest a good web developer. The site is confusing, Hard to find what I wanted to look at.

Tony Britton Productions
(Added 8/1/2003 - Last Modified 10/6/2003 - 45 click-thrus)
Celebrating the joy of nature through the art of photography. My images are transferred to various products that make wonderful gifts. I've added new images that I hope you'll enjoy.

Terry Livingstone Photography
(Added 10/2/2003 - Last Modified 10/2/2003 - 21 click-thrus)

Digitale Makrofotographie - Olaf Wolfram
(Added 9/30/2003 - Last Modified 9/30/2003 - 20 click-thrus)
The Macro-World of Dragonflies other Insects and Spiders - Finest Closeups!!!

Aspireview Photography
(Added 9/29/2003 - Last Modified 9/29/2003 - 29 click-thrus)
Innovative nature, wildlife, and people photos.

Jeff Pflueger Photography
(Added 9/29/2003 - Last Modified 9/29/2003 - 29 click-thrus)
Outdoor adventure and nature photography. Available for assignments. Stock images of backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, white water, rafting, sea kayaking, Alaska and more.

JoAnn Burchfiel - Letters and Images
(Added 8/31/2000 - Last Modified 9/29/2003 - 231 click-thrus - Average rating by 3 users: Average)
Nature photography, calligraphy, illustration, and image transfer photography are combined by artist JoAnn Burchfiel to create unique images. Come visit the Letters and Images web site!
Review by posted on 2/4/2002:
i almost fell asleep reading it

Klaus and Margaret Beyer - North Bay Photo
(Added 8/31/2000 - Last Modified 9/29/2003 - 299 click-thrus - Average rating by 1 users: Good)
A gallery of the Beyer's favorite images. Features photos from the Southwest, Sierras, sea shore, and images of birds and wildlife.

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