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Chased by the Light
Jim Brandenburg / Published 1998 / Hardcover / $35.00
Jim Brandenburg likes photographic challenges. This book is the result of one of his most challenging experiences. He decided that he would only make one exposure per day for 90 days between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice. This personal project succeeded beyond his own expectations in that he managed to create 90 remarkable images that show the change of the seasons in his homeland of northern Minnesota. His neighbors, the wolves, ravens, deer, trees, rivers, and other meadows, were captured with great artistry, and some of the images are just plain incredible when you think that it is the only image that he took that day. It would probably take an serious amateur photographer years to assemble such a portfolio. The pictures in the book were in a previous edition of National Geographic magazine, but the larger image size give even more details, and the authors' explanations and commentaries add more personality to the images.

Daybreak 2000
Roger Tefft (Editor) / Published 2000 / Hardcover / $17.47
More than 100 internationally-acclaimed nature photographers captured the natural beauty of the new day of the new millenium (Yes, I know. The new millenium starts in 2001!) on film for this special book. Heather Angel was in England, Jim Brandenburg in his home state of Minnesota, Robert Glenn Ketchum in Santa Monica, David Muench in the Eastern Sierra, California, Galen Rowell in Fiji, John Shaw in the Garden of the Gods, Colorado, Kennan Ward on the Big Sur Coast, California, Art Wolfe in Uluru NP, Northern Australia, and the list goes on and on. All continents were covered and the images selected for the book created are unique, original and very evocative. In addition to the captivating photographs, each photographer provides a thoughtful caption about the photo, the location, and his or her impressions, reflections, and emotions at that moment. This book is the best photo book that I have seen published in 2000 so far.

Desert Awakenings
Jeff Gnass, John Murray / Published 1998 / Hardcover / $20.97
If you like the desert, you will love this book. The 2 photographers have spent a lot of time in the field and it shows in their images. The colors are wonderful, the landscapes well composed, and the printing quality of the book give the photographs the canvas they deserve.

Earth from Above
Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Photographer), Sophie Bessis, David Baker (Translator) / Published 1999 / Hardcover / $52.00
Earth from Above is the most revealing and spectacular portrait of our world ever created. It definitely is the best collection of aerial photographs ever put together. Yann Arthus-Bertrand has been traveling the world (5 continents, 60 countries) for more than 5 years looking for unique landscapes (both wild and urban) and found a heart-shaped mangrove forest in New Caledonia, a flock of red ibises in Venezuela, a caravan of camels in Mauritania, and 200 more striking views of our world. Sponsored by the UNESCO and other major corporate backers, the book records the state of the world as we enter the next millennium.

Exposure : 20 Years of Photographing the World
Outside Magazine (Editor), Susan B. Smith (Introdu / Published 1997 / Hardcover / $28.00
This book is a compilation of shots in the magazine Outside over the years. Entirely dedicated to extreme photography, it features pictures that will take you to the most remote places of the world, along with the adventurers who took the photographs.

Landscapes of the Spirit
William Neill (Photographer) / Published 1998 / Hardcover / $28.00
Very unusual but very inspiring photographs make this book a tribute to seeing beyond the obvious, and creating images that reveal the essence of the landscape. All the images in this book have an ethereal aspect, departing from traditional landscape photography.

The Nature of America : Images by North America's Premier Nature Photographers
David Middleton, et al / Published 1997 / Hardcover / $34.97
The list of photographers who contributed to this book is very long and contains all the major nature and landscape photographers. Organized geographically, this large-format book describes the natural history of each region of North America, from Alaska to Florida, illustrated with pictures that make the most of the large size of the book.

Water: Worlds Between Heaven and Earth
Art Wolfe, Michelle A. Gilders, Claus Biegert / Published 1999 / Hardcover / $35.00
Another book by Art Wolfe, who has undoubtedly become the most prolific living nature photographer. And, once again, this book is a resounding success. Organized around the various forms of water in the wild, the pictures are well chosen, harmonious, graphic, and illustrate perfectly the words that depicts the quintessential element that makes 2/3 of the Earth.

Gideon Bosker, Lena Lencek / Published 2000 / Paperback / $19.96
Not yet reviewed

Desert: The Mojave and Death Valley
Janice Emily Bowers, Jack W. Dykinga (Photographer) / Published 1999 / Hardcover / $39.60
The Mojave Desert and Death Valley National Park are two magical places. Exploring them requires long hikes into the unforgiving but magical desert wilderness. Jack Dykinga has traveled extensively throughout these 2 huge parks throughout the year, bringing varied and beautiful images. The sunrise and sunset light turns the yellows and reds of the desert formations into glowing organisms captured magnificently and in full details by the large format photographs that compose the book.

John Shaw's Landscape Photography
John Shaw / Published 1994 / Paperback / $19.96
Another book by John Shaw. The quality of the book is not the highest, but it still contains useful information.

Natural Wonders of the World
Robert J., Jr. Moore / Published 2000 / Hardcover / $47.96
Not yet reviewed

Richard Misrach: The Sky Book
Richard Misrach (Photographer), Rebecca Solnit / Published 2000 / Hardcover / $52.00
Not yet reviewed

The Art of God : The Heavens & the Earth
Ric Ergenbright / Published 1999 / Hardcover / $19.99
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